Ruthless Orchid Writing New Material

Over the past couple of months, Ruthless Orchid has been writing new material for our upcoming debut EP. As a band, we have been putting every bit of our souls into these songs. We have no desire to just toss some songs together half-heartedly.

Ruthless Orchid wants this EP to bring you through an array of thoughts and feelings. Each song has a completely different mood and feeling to it. We write these songs as a band. One person might come up with an idea, someone else might shape that into lyrics and then together we put music to it. Or we could use a completely different process – it really depends on each individual song.

We plan to be in the studio recording by the end of March – early April. We’d like to have the EP out for distribution by the end of April in time for the end of Spring / Early Summer.

Once the EP is ready to go, expect a heavy amount of shows and touring. We will start in the USA and eventually head to Europe by Summer 2020, possibly sooner. We can’t wait to get out and show you what we have been working on over the past several months (well, longer actually).

In the meantime, you will soon be able to order merch direct from us on this website! We will post the news as soon as our T-Shirts and more come in! (Hopefully starting later this week). Be sure to LIKE US on Facebook to keep up to date on the latest news and sometimes we will even run contests for fans!

Peace, Love and Party-Time….

Ruthless Orchid