That’s right! We repeat – is Ours Again! After losing our domain name a couple years ago, we REFUSED to pay what we considered to be a “ransom” in order to get it back. (it was just the general principle).

We waited out the company that sniped it. Well, that company finally sold their accounts to a second company that let the ownership laps. SO ….. being stubborn paid off! Grunge band music BEERS

Alas, we own for what will be all of eternity! (or until the Zombie Apocalypse – which ever happens first). 

Sometimes it just feels good to win against “The Man”…….so CHEERS!!!! We can’t wait to upload some fantastic content for you all! We love you and thank you so much for your support!!! Please be patient as we are working on getting the new website up and fully functioning over the next few weeks.

Along with writing and recording – this is a top priority – so be aware we are working on it! <3

Love & Peace & Positivity,

Ruthless Orchid