Band Biography

Ruthless Orchid formed in August 2013 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with Jason “Marley” Hall on lead guitar and vocals, Dani “PS” Shurburn on bass guitar, and Valerie Hall on drums.  Originally started a fun, side project, they found they really had a passion for Ruthless Orchid due to the lack of very many “New Grunge Bands” on the market for fans to enjoy.  Being the band was comprised of both grunge and metal fans ……Things evolved from there…

The Sound

Ruthless Orchid has an original, hard-hitting, lyrical metal / hard rock sound with distinct elements of grunge.  They bring elements from the past as well as what’s going on on now in regards to the modern metal & hard rock sound. Bands that have influenced the sound of Ruthless Orchid would be bands such as Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Joan Jett, In This Moment, Soundgarden, Pantera, and Tool.  There are surely so many more, because each of the members possess some pretty diverse music tastes.


Currently, the line-up of Ruthless Orchid is comprised of the original band members:  Jason “Marley” Hall,  Valerie “Val-Halen / Val’Kiry” Hall, and TBA

Jason “Marley” Hall – (Bass)

Band Bio Jason "Marley" Hall Green Jelly Smokin Gorillas Ruthless ORchidJason was born and raised near Ford City, Pennsylvania along with one brother, Artist, Tom Hall.   His mother and father still reside there.  Jason began playing guitar as at about 14 years old and eventually picked up bass guitar as well. Hall has played in several bands. He was the bass player for Divine Tragedy of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2008.  Hall then moved to Florida and played bass for an AC/DC cover band as well as a couple now defunct metal bands.  He then returned to Pennsylvania and played with a couple local punk bands prior to forming Ruthless Orchid with Dani and Valerie.  Hall also played bass in a surf-rock / 50s band called “The Straight Jackets” in 2017-2019. Most recently, he played bass for The Smokin’ Gorillas with Billy Youngblood and Grammy-Nominated band, Green Jelly  Hall plays bass  in Ruthless Orchid.





Valerie Hall

Valerie Hall Drummer Ruthless Orchid

Last but certainly not least, we couldn’t post our band biography without including Lead Vocalist, Valerie Hall! Valerie has been playing drums since about 2013 – though she studied music and Internet marketing throughout her life and career. Raised primarily co-raised by her grandparents and mother in Port Richey, Florida, Hall has a huge, tight-knit family.  It is comprised of 5 sisters and 2 brothers between her mother’s family and father’s family. (Her youngest brother was killed in 2008 in a tragic bicycle accident) Hall has lived in several cities between Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania and currently Indiana.  She is married to guitar player, Jason “Marley” Hall and has been since June 6, 2009. Previously, Hall was the drummer for “The Straight Jackets”, a 50s revival band based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Most recently she played drums in “The Smokin’ Gorillas” with Billy Youngblood .  She occasionally plays drums with Grammy-Nominated band, “Green Jelly” for fun but her biggest passion is singing for Ruthless Orchid.